Most common facts about Fullerenes

Even though we found many things online, finding the useful resource online is quite difficult, but with one factor, one can easily get it. We all know that Fullerenes is the carbon molecule that has a multitude of purpose with this. The most important thing with this is, this can be used as conductor, insulator, and sometimes as the semiconductor. This Fullerene has sometimes known as the buckyball, which will form the crystal structure, which works as the insulator or as a semiconductor. When we start with the benefits of Fullerenes, this lies with many terms.

By combining this carbon molecule, this act for various terms, for instance when this buckyball has dosed with the alkaline metal such as potassium, this solid will become as conducting metal. When we term the Fullerenes with such type of alkaline metal, this acts as an interesting element.


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