Building Trust and Professionalism: Questions to Ask Your Mechanic

Sometimes, hiring someone is easy to do but there are times when it is not. If you are looking for the right mechanic to provide you excellent and reliable services, then why not see this page. You’ll be stunned if you do.

Do you have references?

Ask the shop about their past clients. Talking to their former customers can actually bring you to answer your questions. These people had experienced working with these mechanics, and certainly, they can help you by providing useful information such as timeliness and quality of the professional’s work.

Are you certified?

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Talk about certification. The person should acquire a professional certification that allows him to work in shops. With this paper, such is already a great proof of both the shop’s experience and expertise.

Are you bonded and insured?

            If you want to be secured, just go with the one who is bonded and insured.

How long have you been working as a mechanic?

Consider experience, not just of the shop but of the mechanics working inside it. If a shop has been working in your area for several years, then that already leads you to a good sign. But you have to point out that sometimes longevity is spoken not as an assurance that the company is providing good work. There are still newly-established shops which offer brilliant and satisfying services. Just be sure to weigh things properly.

Can you provide me a written estimate?

Asking about any written estimates can help you with your finances. Astoundingly, there are shops which offer higher rates compared to the other. Others work in contrast. Always be responsible enough in asking for these estimates just to avoid money shocks, especially when this is your first time asking services in this shop. Other than that, written estimates are required by the law so there is no need for these shops to offer excuses.

Do you deliver warranties?

It’s best to find a mechanic who offers 12-month warranty. Other than that, check out if he provides 12,000-mile warranty. Warranties are essential with these mechanics or their shops as it ensures to have your vehicle mended free of charge whenever something goes wrong with it. This works during the given guaranteed period.